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Find Your Student Loans


Find Your Student Loan If you are looking to start taking responsibility for your student loans, you have come to the right place. We’ve got the most straightforward and simple guide to help find your student loan information. Before going through this guide, it may be helpful to review the basics first if you need a refresher on student loan vocabulary. Know the Difference - Federal or Private Loans If you did not take out student loans on your own, ask your parents who your student loan service providers are. Student loan service providers are the organizations that [...]

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Getting Started With Student Loans


Get Started With Student Loans Learning about your student loans can be complicated, and outdated government websites don't make it any easier. Here at SponsrU, we strive to make student loan language as simple as possible. We've listed what we believe are the 20 most fundamental terms to start learning about your student loans. Understand these terms to take the first steps toward effectively managing your student loan debt. Basics of Student Loans Student Loans are money that students borrow to attend a college or university.  FAFSA is the Free online Application for Federal Student Aid that determines [...]

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Kids Need To Take Out Their Own Student Loans


Kids Need to Take Out Student Loans Themselves During my senior year of high school, I paid little or no attention to the cost of higher education. It had been a foregone conclusion since my childhood that I would go to college. Yet, somehow I was never expected to consider the cost of attendance.  "I could pay off student loans with my high paying job that I would surely get with a college degree." ~ Or so I was told. My parents were kind enough to do me the "favor" of handling my student loans for me. As a result [...]

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Speed Reading Simplified


How I Improved My Reading Speed and Comprehension As students, we read nonstop. Class, homework, emails, texting, papers all involve reading (the list goes on). Yet speed reading is a skill foreign to most of us. I believe lack of emphasis on practicing improving our basic reading speed is a huge failure of our academic system today. Think about it - if you could read twice as fast as you do now and your comprehension stayed the same, that would cut your work time down to fractions of what it was before.  With a little dedication on the front end, [...]

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