2018’s Simplest Guide To Help Find Your Student Loan Info

Find Your Student Loan Info

Student Loans Can Be Challenging

Start taking responsibility for your student loans today. We’ve got the most straightforward and simple guide to help find your student loan information.

Before going through this guide, it may be helpful to review some basic student loan vocabulary first

Find Your Student Loan Servicer

As mentioned you can find your student loan federal servicer through the National Student Loan Data System. You will need FSA ID that you received after you applied for student aid by filling out your FAFSA. From there follow these steps:

2. Click on financial aid review

3. Click one of the numbers on the left-most side of your loan box

4. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Your loan servicer will be located at the bottom/middle of the screen. It will be one of the possible 11 federal student loan service providers.

Next, you need to build a profile on your student loan servicer’s website. The website layout should be relatively simple and easy to get the hang of and it offers a numbers of benefits. Examples include auto-pay, repayment planners, repayment calculators, and free resources that help you learn about refinancing and deferment options.

Find Your Private Student Loan Servicer

Your private student loan servicer will usually be the same as the company who gave out the student loan. If you don’t know who that is yet, you’ll need to find out to get your loan information. From there it’s up to you to explore their website and features because every providers website is different. Check out an article written by our friends at LendEDU to learn more about Parent Plus Loans, and how they can impact your interest rates.

Moving Forward

Once you learn about your servicers, explore their websites and the features they offer to help you better manage your loans. If you get confused by anything on their site, don’t be afraid to give them a call and ask questions. Helping you better manage and find your student loan information is their job.

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