New Way To Look at Student Loan Debt

The student loan industry is changing. Students and their families are no longer able to afford the debt obligations that come from purchasing a degree in higher education. The greed among corporate America and the big business of higher education has pushed the cost of attendance (and the cost of not attending) through the roof.

Crowdfunding The Future

SponsrU provides an opportunity for students to reduce their debt before they even reach graduation day. Through SponsrU students have the ability to build comprehensive progress tracking profiles that provide sponsors looking to help relieve student debt an in-depth look at student performance in the classroom and outside it.

Through social interaction and SponsorU campaigns, students can attract sponsors who agree to pledge monthly payments toward paying off the student’s loan debt contingent upon that student reaching their goals throughout the semester. Sponsors get the unique opportunity to watch the students they connect with grow and get a first hand view of how their contribution helps those students.

In today’s market kids need new ways to finance our overpriced education system. Become a sponsor through SponsrU to give students the opportunity to start their lives as soon as they leave the classroom.

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