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SponsrU is the leading platform for crowdfunding student loan debt based on goals and achievement. With over $1.5 trillion in total student loan debt, the United States is facing a crisis that puts young adults under more financial stress than ever before. It’s time we take social responsibility for student loan debt reduction in a way that makes sense.

SponsrU gives families, businesses, alumni groups, athletic programs, and others the opportunity to turn student loan debt reduction into an incentive for those around them.

Families can demonstrate social responsibility through SponsrU by signing up for reasonable monthly contributions toward their loved ones’ loan debt. In exchange family Sponsors can stay connected like never before, while also helping one another reach a secure financial future.

Businesses work with SponsrU to build incentive packages that reduce their employees’ student loan debt.  With these incentives businesses can demonstrate social responsibility while simultaneously investing money back into their workforce. When business in America gets behind a cause, we can accomplish anything!

Alumni Groups can demonstrate social responsibility by pooling their resources to incentivize quality performance from the members of their organization. Think Division III athletic programs, Greek organizations, and student run philanthropy. 

Become a part of the SponsrU community and change the way we deal with student loan debt.  You can also contact us to learn more and get involved with our growing social company.


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