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SponsrU is the leading web application for crowdfunding student loan debt based on achievement. We are building a community of mentors with the ability to push the next generation of leaders to new heights. Our mentors, also called Sponsors, get full access to the goals students – or anyone with student loan debt – set for themselves by signing up for small monthly payments that go directly toward paying down their debt.

Goals are centered around things like job success, physical and mental health, grades, work projects and more. Examples of a goal to give you an idea could be to read two new books month, go to the gym 3 times per week, or get two A’s on upcoming exams. After a student sets their goals, sponsors use their ability to cancel their student loan subscriptions to hold them accountable to reaching them.

Students – or, again, anyone with student loan debt – need to outline their life aspiration, and their academic or career progress on their profiles. We intend for all of our sponsor to student relationships to actual be meaningful and accelerate the futures of the next generation of leaders.

When sponsors combine understanding the dreams and vision of students with a powerful financial motivator, they can hold students accountable to making their dreams a reality!

Become a part of the SponsrU community and change the way we handle student loan debt!


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