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SponsrU is the leading platform for crowdfunding student loan debt based on student achievement. We help students build meaningful relationships that accelerate their futures. Family, Friends, Philanthropists, and Recruiters can all sign up to make small monthly payments that go directly toward any students’ loan debt. In exchange, Sponsors receive regular updates on their career and academic achievement so they can push them to new heights.

SponsrU Students outline their aspirations in life, as well as their academic and career progress on their student profiles. Sponsors then have the ability make monthly payments that go directly toward the loan debt for any students of their choosing. Payments can be terminated at any time, so if students are not meeting expectations, they risk losing sponsorship.

SponsrU expects sponsors to leverage their donations into students bettering themselves.  When sponsors combine understanding the dreams and vision of students with a powerful financial influence, they can hold students accountable for making their dreams a reality!

Become a part of the SponsrU community as a Student or a Sponsor and change the way we handle student loan debt!


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