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SponsrU is an online solution thats helps reduce student loan debt through personal mentorship, employee benefits, and performance incentives.

Personal Mentorship

SponsrU gives family, friends, teachers, business people and more the opportunity to push the young minds in their life to succeed. Pass on your hard earned expertise while reducing the student debt of the important people in your life.

SponsrU isn’t free help. You get a window into the goals and performance of the people you sponsor. Use that window to push your mentees to become the best they can possible be by holding them accountable. 

SponsrU donations can be cancelled at any time, so your mentees know they need to meet your standards if they want to keep you in their corner.

Employee Benefits

Better yet, SponsrU gives employers an opportunity to offer an employee benefit that also doubles up as philanthropic donation. Reduce the student loan debt of your employees while tracking and publicizing your company’s contribution to improving the United States economy.

There is no time to waste. Student loan debt in the United States currently sits at $1.5 Trillion dollars and is growing fast.

When Corporate America takes a stand on an issue, our country can tackle any problem. That’s why SponsrU decided to focus our efforts on becoming a philanthropic solution for business.

Performance Incentives

This is where you can get creative with SponsrU. Our services can be used as a performance incentive for almost any type of organization.

One example is Division III Athletic Programs. While they cannot offer athletic scholarships, they can pool together their alumni networks in an effort to reduce student loan debt of their athletes.

Greek Organizations are another great example. The Greek Community puts a high emphasis on doing charitable works for their community. What better thing to do than reducing student loan debt amongst their student directors, while increasing the visibility of their charitable efforts.

Organizations like these need contact SponsrU to get involved.

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Did we mention all sponsors can join SponsrU for free?

We only charge our Students a maximum of $5 each month to maintain their account. SponsrU also elects not to start charging this fee until our students receive at least one sponsor, so they don’t pay anything until they receive value first. 

Tax Incentivized Donations?

We’ve got your back! Our corporate structure is currently being optimized to meet the charitable requirements of a 501c3, so you can get all the tax benefits that come with your charitable work. 

Donation Process

All donation payments go directly to the student’s loan service provider. There is no middle man interaction between your donations and the recipients. 

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