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Build Valuable Mentor Relationships while Providing Help with Student Loan Debt

SponsrU is the new online mentor network that builds valuable relationships while providing student loan help. 

SponsrU allows you to pass on your grit, determination, and expertise to the students who will want to learn from you the most. In exchange for providing a little help with student loan debt, our sponsors get to pick from most ideal mentees available. We suggest student-sponsor matches based on characteristics like major, career, hometown, interests and more, so our sponsors get the best mentees possible. 

Every single day with SponsrU, our sponsors have the ability to make a visible difference in the lives of students. You get first hand access in student’s regular academic or career routine through the use of grade tracking, picture, video, and more.  

Anyone Can Help with Student Loan Debt

Subscriptions start at just $5 a month. There’s no reason for a potential sponsor not to get involved! Granny down the road can chip in her nickels and big shot Joe Shmoe can focus on training the next Bill Gates.

The timing is right for online communities with a purpose. Millennials need the extra push from professionals with real world experience and a high class work ethic. Unfortunately, most youngsters need a push in the behind to take the right advice. That’s why providing student loan help in the perfect solution.

Sign Up is Easy and Free

All it takes to sign up to mentor and help with student loan debt is filling out some basic information. Did we mention all sponsors can join SponsrU for free? We charge our student users modest rates of $5 a month to maintain their account. SponsrU does not even charge our students until they receive their first Sponsor to make sure all parties are benefitting before payments are exchanged.

Donations Are Always Put to Good Use

We’ve got your back! All subscription payments go directly toward your mentee’s loan service provider.  As a sponsor you also have the power to cancel subscriptions at any time. Let your mentees know if they are not performing their best, they’ll be on their own handling all their student loan debt.

SponsrU requires that its students expose their academic and career journey to their sponsors in a social manner. Those social expectations provide a huge boost when it comes to performance and sponsors get a first class look into every detail.

See Your Impact on a Daily Basis

Through SponsrU’s unique combination of profile builders and performance trackers, we are able to build online relationships that can become personal and meaningful.

Find student just like you and do the little things that help them succeed in their every day life. Keep them on their toes by leveraging your sponsorship to make students the best versions of themselves.

Help With Student Loan Debt to Erase the “Education Bubble”

Paying upwards of $20,000 for a year’s worth of college education would have been an absurd concept a few years ago.  Today, with unusual expectations from employers, and ease of access to credit, starting a family, buying a car, and building a home are dreams for our youngest that are off in the far to distant future. The Education Bubble is real and the scary part is it has the potential to decrease spending even more than the housing crisis. 

The financial welfare of young adults across is at risk and SponsrU is here to help you do something about it.

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Here’s How It Works

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