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SponsrU is the new way to approach philanthropy in the 21st century. We bridge our sponsors directly to the students they are trying to help so they can build real personal connections. Through our unique combination of profile builders and performance trackers, sponsors can easily see the tangible difference that they make in college students’ lives.

The Education Bubble is right in front of our eyes. Paying upwards of $20,000 for a year’s worth of college education would have been an absurd concept a few years ago.  Today, with unusual expectations from employers, and ease of access to credit, this generation has been programmed to take on massive amounts of debt before they are even old enough to realize what they are getting themselves into.

The welfare of these individuals is at risk and our country as a whole will pay the price if we do not act. Creating a place for you to do just that is why SponsrU was born.

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