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SponsrU can help you reduce your student loan debt through relationships that involve things like career mentorship, employee benefits, family connection, performance incentives and more.

This is not a handout. We make sure everyone involved in the SponsrU community gets plenty of value, so that the experience is worthwhile for all parties.

If you have student loan debt, you can start  building your SponsrU profile today. 

Career Mentorship

Experienced men and women naturally want to pass on their knowledge to future generations. Many do so as a way of giving back to their own communities.

With SponsrU we package that mentorship and community connection into one to help you get out of debt. We help you find the perfect mentor and then give you an easy way grant them access into your daily performance. Begin the mentor relationship that pushes you to new heights and pushes debt out of your life.

Employee Benefits

Better yet, SponsrU gives employers an opportunity to offer an student loan debt as an employee benefit. It makes perfect sense because student loan reduction benefits can also double up as a tax incentivized philanthropic donation.

You can also look for companies and online networks that recruit using SponsrU as a student loan debt reduction tool.

Push for SponsrU at your workplace today to help push 21st century philanthropy to new heights.

Performance Incentives

This is where things get creative with SponsrU. So many organizations that have the untapped potential to use student loan debt reduction as a performance or recruiting incentive. Division III Athletics and Greek Organizations are the first organization types that SponsrU is targeting. If you are a part of an organization like these, contact us right away. We’ve got an incredible opportunity for you.

Division III Athletic Programs

Without the ability to offer athletic scholarships, Division III Athletic Programs are at a major disadvantage compared to Division I & II programs.  SponsrU is giving alumni networks a way to give back to the program they love by reducing the loan debt of current athletes.

Many Division III student-athletes find themselves in massive debt upon graduation because there is little time to work a job on the side of school and athletics. Because of these overwhelming demands, some committed athletes decide to not even play their favorite sport in college.

If you are one of these student athletes, tell your coaching staff to contact us right away and get your team on the SponsrU program.

Greek Organizations

Greek Communities put a high emphasis on charitable works. SponsrU combines quality philanthropic work with performance incentives in the form of student loan debt reduction.

When your chapter partners with SponsrU, running can executive level positions can mean huge donations to reducing your student loan debt.

That way Greek Organization can play a part in reducing the student loan epidemic, members in executive positions have incentive to do their best work in the community, and you have the opportunity to get your loan debt reduced.

Tell your nationals to contact SponsrU, and build your profile today.

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